Welcome to the domain of Cute As A Button Babies!

As a result of our recent corporate restructuring and an influx of requests for the Domain "Cute As A Button" we have decided to follow the voice of our customers and offer the Domain "CuteasaButton" for sale as of today.

Recent corporate restructuring and realignment with new and exciting partnerships, products lines, international partners and a wider customer base is allowing for this sale of Cute As A Button Please understand that this purchase is for the DOMAIN and subsequent website of Cute As A Button and does not include the rights to any existing or future products, molds, designs, patents or intellectual properties of "Cute as a Button Babies" and we apologize in advance for any confusion this may cause.

The price for the DOMAIN cuteasabutton.com is now open for negotiation and we look forward to speaking with you further regarding any questions you may have associated with this development.

Additionally, we are very excited about the many new products and designs that are currently in progress and we cannot wait to debut them to our many loyal customers first, just as soon as they are ready for testing and debut! As always, we sincerely value our customers input, questions, suggestions and evaluations as that is how we develop products that last a lifetime and continue to earn your trust. Regardless of the website name you type to find us, we promise to listen to your suggestions and work our hardest for you and your family for generations to come!

From our Family to Yours, we wish you all the best!

Please contact the sales division directly @ sales@cuteasabutton.com for more information, offers or questions.

Google logo is a an excellent resource for helping establish a basic valuation point if you would like more information on how to value and generate offers on all web domains as well.

FYI** We anticipate the domain sale to be completed quickly based on the MANY years of inquiries and ownership thus far...Good Luck Everyone!**

Please reach out to us as soon as possible if you also would like to put an offer in for the domain Cute As A Button.com.